The Future

Currently, The Angelman Project’s clips and documentaries are available in the Vimeo OnDemand Volumes listed on this website. However, the ultimate intent of the project is to be accessible on a fully interactive database called The SeeSystem – Rare Disease Video Database.

This database will contain videos from many different disorders, allowing for symptoms and therapies for different disorders to be directly compared and contrasted. Users will be able to filter and search videos using different keywords and categories, such as symptoms, age range, video clip type, individual cases, etc. This would allow an entirely new way to interact with the video data, allowing easy comparison of disease symptoms, different cases, levels of disease severity, and more. 

The Angelman Project was produced twenty years ago. Now, we would like to follow up with the original participants and shoot new footage, allowing us to see how different individuals developed and changed over time. This could provide valuable visual information about how Angelman syndrome progresses over time, and lead to an even greater understanding of the disorder.