Managing the Healthcare of Someone with Angelman Syndrome

Caring for someone with Angelman syndrome involves navigating an often complex healthcare system, and dealing with a wide variety of healthcare issues. From everyday checks-ups to rare emergencies, there are a lot of considerations when making healthcare decisions for someone with Angelman syndrome. The following volumes explore these challenges, and offer insight into how to keep an individual with Angelman syndrome healthy.

Volume 6: Managing Medical Issues, Pediatric & Internal Medicine

Ensuring that children and adults with Angelman syndrome get the medical care they need requires doctors, specialists, and parents to work together as a team. This volume explores patient and family experiences working with doctors, undergoing medical testing and exams, and navigating the healthcare system.

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Volume 7: Managing Medical Issues, Seizures

Many, but not all, people with Angelman syndrome also have a seizure disorder. This volume will show how different families have experienced and dealt with these seizures. It also features interviews with doctors and parents on the ways these seizures can be treated, as well as the medications and treatments that can potentially make them worse.

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Volume 8: Managing Medical Issues, Dentistry

Maintaining proper dental hygiene can be a challenge for some people with Angelman syndrome. In addition to the direct affect the syndrome can have on jaw and facial structure, many individuals may be unable to brush their teeth, or will resist attempts by parents to do so. This volume features interviews and examples to demonstrate ways of overcoming these challenges.

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