Learn From the Experiences of Caregivers

The people caring for individuals with Angelman syndrome are an immensely important source of knowledge about the disorder. In these volumes, caregivers share their expertise about Angelman syndrome, and help us learn through their experiences.

Volume 16: Caregiving & Parenting, Living with the Diagnosis

Providing care for an individual with Angelman syndrome can have its challenges, and adjusting after receiving the diagnosis can take time. However by developing routines and boundaries, and maintaining patience and a positive outlook, families can adapt and flourish together.

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Volume 17: Caregiving & Parenting, Daily Living Skills

This volume covers the various daily living needs that caregivers for people with Angelman syndrome must meet, and the daily living skills that can be developed to improve that individuals with Angelman can develop to increase their independence, and improve their functioning.

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Volume 18: Caregiving & Parenting, Siblings

The bonds between siblings are just as strong in families with children with Angelman syndrome, but like all sibling relationships, they can also have their challenges. This volume features the stories of siblings of individuals with Angelman syndrome.

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