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Angelman Syndrome: Making the Diagnosis

Because still photographs of individuals with AS look relatively typical of the general population, films of individuals in action help one to recognize the subtleties of the disorder. On this DVD are two documentaries and four diagnostic clips - video footage of over 40 individuals with AS - to help both pediatricians and families better understand the diagnostic characteristics of AS.     ...CLICK FOR MORE INFO...

Behavior Modification With Timothy Freeman, PhD, Child Psychologist Volume 1

As with all children, behavior modification is an integral part of the education of AS individuals. Changing bad behavior is not just a matter of convenience; it is a crucial element in the process of gaining independence. This DVD features two films which allow a profound look into the process of including Kate in an inclusion classroom at a public elementary school, featuring Timothy Freeman, an expert in working with children with Angelman syndrome who have behavior problems.     ...CLICK FOR MORE INFO...

Behavior Modification With Timothy Freeman, PhD, Child Psychologist Volume 2
Volume 2 focuses on difficult behaviors such as tantrums, biting and compulsive mouthing of objects, as well as on the modification of poor sleep habits. This DVD includes two documentaries featuring Dr. Freeman, who encourages the correction of difficult behaviors, as this opens up new possibilities for learning and development for individuals with AS. For example, if Bryan can learn to keep objects out of his mouth and put his hands down away from his face, he can then begin to learn more sociable behaviors such as looking at people who are talking to him and relating to him.


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"Through the use of Louise Tiranoff's fabulous video collection, Angelman Syndrome families provide telling & accurate illustrations of families coping with the medical maze and adaptation process."
        -- Sharon & Steve Katz
        -- Co-directors, Lower NE region, The Angelman Syndrome Foundation,             parents of Seth, AS.

These tapes are not intended to prescribe or advise treatments or therapies.
Please consult your physician, medical professional, or therapist for any medical advice.


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these videos will go to the continuing development of The Angelman Project and to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

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