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Behavior Modification With Timothy Freeman, PhD, Child Psychologist Volume 2
Individuals with Angelman syndrome often exhibit considerable behavior problems, which can range anywhere from running away to self-mutilation. As with all children, behavior modification is an integral part of the education of AS individuals. Changing bad behavior is not just a matter of convenience; it is a crucial element in the process of gaining independence. Behavior modification techniques can facilitate the integration into a regular classroom, broaden the spectrum of social activities, or create a less stressful family life. They can help solve problems with toilet training, sleep, aggression and other attention-getting behavior, and even assist in the training of daily living skills.

DVD includes:

An Intervention With Child Psychologist Timothy Freeman, Ph.D.
Running Time: 41 minutes

This film documents child psychologist Timothy Freeman's intervention with 8-year-old Bryan. It details the various steps involved in an intervention, including the intake with Bryan's parents, in which the problem, the goal and the reinforcers used in the process are established; Dr. Freeman's observation of Bryan's behaviors; and the actual intervention with Bryan. One of Bryan's most prominent behaviors is his mouthing, which is the most obvious long-term goal of his therapy with Dr. Freeman

A Counseling Session With Child Psychologist Timothy Freeman, PhD
Running Time: 22 minutes

This documentary shows a counseling session in which 7-year-old Schayne's mother Michelle and his school aide Angela White seek advice from child psychologist Timothy Freeman. Mrs. White's problem with Schayne concerns his screaming at school: Schayne is often unhappy, and his crying and screaming disrupts the class and unnerves his teachers and his classmates. Dr. Freeman gives Mrs. White specific instructions as to what method to use to teach Schayne how to be quiet in class. Michelle's issue with Schayne is his sleep disorder; his refusal to go to sleep in a room by himself keeps his mother and father awake through half of the night. Again, Dr. Freeman gives advice and points out various steps that Schayne's family should take in order to help Schayne to go to sleep by himself and be quiet through the night.

Plus 3 short video clips:

Troys Biting
7-year-old Troy has a problem with biting others. His family talks about this behavior problem and examples of it are shown in this short documentary.

Kasey's Behaviors in School
Examples of 13-year-old Kasey's behaviors at school are shown, with commentary from her teacher.

Kasey's Behaviors
13-year-old Kasey's mother Lori talks about Kasey's bad behaviors in this short clip.


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These tapes are not intended to prescribe or advise treatments or therapies.
Please consult your physician, medical professional, or therapist for any medical advice.


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these videos will go to the continuing development of The Angelman Project and to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

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