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Behavior Modification With Timothy Freeman, PhD, Child Psychologist Volume 1
Individuals with Angelman syndrome often exhibit considerable behavior problems, which can range anywhere from running away to self-mutilation. As with all children, behavior modification is an integral part of the education of AS individuals. Changing bad behavior is not just a matter of convenience; it is a crucial element in the process of gaining independence. Behavior modification techniques can facilitate the integration into a regular classroom, broaden the spectrum of social activities, or create a less stressful family life. They can help solve problems with toilet training, sleep, aggression and other attention-getting behavior, and even assist in the training of daily living skills.

DVD includes:

Kate -
A Case Study in Behavior Modification Narrated by Timothy Freeman, PhD

Running Time: 59 minutes

12-year-old Kate is in an inclusion program at a regular elementary school. From a very early age, child psychologist Timothy Freeman has been working with her both at home and at school, and he has been a constant advisor to her teachers and her aide, facilitating the process of Kate's inclusion. This film details Dr. Freeman's work with Kate over the course of the years. It is divided into two parts, demonstrating the use of behavior modification techniques for two distinct purposes: 1.) to teach Kate new skills, and 2.) to change some of her behaviors.

Talking to Kate's Classmates With Timothy Freeman, PhD
Running Time: 14 minutes

A behind-the-scenes look at a coaching session with Kate's classmates, in which child psychologist Timothy Freeman teaches them how to react if Kate misbehaves.

Plus 3 short video clips:

Teaching Them Right From Wrong
A short documentary in which parents of three adult daughters with Angelman syndrome talk about raising them so that their behavior is acceptable to others.

The Challenge of 'Putting In'
A short observational clip showing an aide working with 7-year-old Kelly on putting objects inside containers. Kelly whines and does not do as she's told.

Monica: Behaviors in Holiday Art Class
Monica is 9 years old and has a UBE3A diagnosis of Angelman syndrome. In this short observation clip we see Monica misbehaving in the holiday art class, and subsequently being sent into time out. This was filmed at a special needs school.


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These tapes are not intended to prescribe or advise treatments or therapies.
Please consult your physician, medical professional, or therapist for any medical advice.


A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these videos will go to the continuing development of The Angelman Project and to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation.

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